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When you need digging, you'll dig Barbish Inc.

When you have a big job, you'll get the best results from a firm that has the right equipment and knows how to use it. We've solved problems for your neighbors for over 20 years.

 •  French drain systems to protect your basement

 •  Difficult drainage issues

 •  Roadway cuttings

 •  Brush removal

 •  Retention ponds

 •  New lawn preparation and installation

 •  Both residential and commercial projects

Home and commercial excavation

Every day, we roll out a fleet of the most modern, best maintained industrial service vehicles in the area. No matter how tough your planned excavation, we have the right brand new equipment to do the job right. Affordably, too.


We'll send out the big trucks and skid loaders for whatever you need — from water line installations to prepping a new lawn.

Always the right rigs for your job

Affordable and careful excavation


Moving earth isn't easy, so it isn't dirt cheap. But we offer fair prices and don't break things you'll have to fix later. Ask for your FREE ESTIMATE.

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